Hey, what did Willie Brown get in to this week? San Francisco's Mayor spent some time discussing local, state and national politics, of course. He thinks Feinstein's endorsement of Tori Spelling Janet Reilly is what is really important in District 2, for example, but that is boring. What's really important is what he thought about Secretariat, which sounds like it was thoroughly engrossing despite being a remake of Seabiscuit or whatever.

The real story in Secretariat he says is "a woman's fight in the male-only sport of kings." Sure, the story of a woman who came from a family of [horse] breeders and her struggle to make someone else ride her beautiful horse around a track for lots of money. Either way, Willie says it was "worth every cent of [his] senior discount."

Speaking of rich women, Mayor Speaker Assemblyman Brown also wanted to point out how "decidedly female" the face of the Republican Party is now. As he says, "Christine O'Connell [sic] in Delaware sounds like Carly Fiorina in California, who sounds like Linda McMahon in Connecticut." And he's right, even if that sounds more like the Pay-Per-View description for a WWE Divas Smackdown than a discussion of politics. (Linda McMahon jokes!)