Early in the day, it looked as though the sun would be on our side and I couldn't help but wonder why festival organizers insist on using those black Bauer Limo shuttles to truck everyone to the island. I'm sure the Duck Boat guy would cut them a good deal on sea-borne transit. My particular bus was loaded with kinda-late-but-still-pretty-early youngsters pounding (non-alcoholic, mind you) energy drinks. The guy seated next to me smelled like spiced chai and B.O, which seemed about right. Everyone was talking about Deadmau5's new helmet which apparently has LED's in it.

Festival security was doing a lot of pat downs at the gate, but that didn't seem to make much different to the people who had taken Wallpaper's advice and pre-partied in the parking lot. (Other advice from Ricky Reed: "don't have sex without a condom.") And speaking of which, Holy Fuck came on to do some delightful nob-twiddling and bang on things and generally set the tone for the day's eclectic mix of electronics and live instruments. I spotted someone on the grass sitting along making friendship bracelets, which seemed like exactly the right to do.