It's Friday, which means San Francisco's Mayor has had all week to dish out advice for everyone from casual diners to Meg Whitman. Over on Inside Scoop, Mr. Former Assembly Speaker Brown seems to be an honest fan of Tadich Grill where the personnel are "true San Franciscans" who "know the score of every Giants baseball game" and "the number of yards for every 49ers football game." This probably makes the Tadich a great place to meet your bookie for dinner.

On the other hand, Willie recommends against having lunch "with anybody you don't want to be seen with" at One Market where there are no dark corners to hide in, but you can actually eat in the kitchen if you make the proper reservations at the "true chef's table" (not that Da Mayor actually needs to make reservations). For the health-conscious out there, Willie points out that One Market serves "a salad with some form of fruit" and the Tadich Grill gives you French bread cut in to "the correct number of pieces for somebody on the Santa Barbara diet," which is a diet we did not know about before today but apparently has a single review on Amazon.