by Erick Pressman

Hey kids, it's October, and what better way to celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead than by getting your face melted off by the most brutal live music San Francisco has to offer? None as far as we can tell, so let's take a gander at who's blowing through town this month.

As far as this month's spookiest show, our money goes on the October 23rd Triptykon/1349/Yakuza show at Slim's. For those of you who aren't up the "kvltest" of black metal, Triptykon features Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer fame. Those of you who were lucky enough to catch the almighty Celtic Frost when they came through in 2006 and 2007 know just how talented and awesome Tom Warrior is, and can be sure that Triptykon are not to be missed. Norway's 1349 add more corpse paint to the party, while Chicago's Yakuza will dazzle you with their extremely technical licks and chops.

Those of you who are more interested in moshing it up with the kids are going to want to head to the Regency Ballroom on October 27th to catch Bring Me The Horizon with August Burns Red, Emarosa, Polar Bear Club, and This Is Hell. BMTH are fresh off of spending the summer headlining the Van's Warped Tour and are touring in support of their new record There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep it a Secret. There will be plenty of spin kicks and questionable hairstyles to keep all of the internet message boards alive with drama.