What with columnist Dan Savage and Stop8.org founder Matt Baume bringing teen suicide to light recently, there will be a rally today at City Hall, followed by a march to the Castro. Here are the details:

Rally and March to Focus on LGBT Youth Suicide and Homelessness

"Being young and gay in much of the U.S. too often results in homelessness or suicide. A rally and candlelight march is planned to bring awareness to what some have called an epidemic, The event is being organized by Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons, and will feature speakers from Affirmations, The Trevor Project, Soulforce, Human Rights Campaign, Equality California, Family Acceptance Project, Gay-Straight Alliance Network and others. Meet-up at San Francisco’s Civic Center for rally, followed by march to Castro’s Harvey Milk Plaza. Oct. 8, 6:30PM."

And an epidemic it is, especially when compared to typical bullying. Many LGBT ilk (like Project Runway's Tim Gunn) have tried taking their lives after bullying that rarely goes punished in our schools; parents who just don't care; public attacks on queer folks by contemptible and useless human beings trying to climb political ladders; and even demonizing right here on the interwebs.

You do your part to help if you can make it. Here's more information. Thank you.