by Andrew Dalton

Tuesday night a not insignificant number of people loosely packed Ruby Skye to celebrate (or perhaps mourn, it was kind of unclear) the Most Interesting Man in the World, who most of you will recognize as a fictitious beer spokesperson and jai alai champion, among other things.

The free show, which was loosely organized around the central theme of "whacky stuff for grown-ups", mostly involved Andrew W.K. (himself a fictitious personality) describing his worldly exploits with the man from the beer commercials and asking everyone if they were ready to party hard on a Tuesday night. Naturally, the Most Interesting Man and his benefactor provided the imported beer free of charge, which was nice to keep the crowd busy while a Hungarian escape artist attempted to break his own world record by remaining underwater without breathing apparatus for 21 minutes and 29 seconds. (He ended up bailing with about 3 minutes left.)