Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. It's in the air, excitement for the playoffs. Will you be attending Thursday's game? If so, we hate you with unbridled envy. (Consolation: We'll be perched at the bar at Public House taking in the game.) Anyway, here's a sampling of Giants fervor until tomorrow comes.

  • Jill Tucker from The Chronicle has some sound advice for fair-weather fans jumping on the Giants bandwagon. Most noteworthy, knowing how much Game 6 of the World Series pains any true fan. "It was Oct. 26, 2002, the Giants up 5-0 over the Angels in the bottom of the seventh inning, eight outs from winning their first World Series since moving to San Francisco in 1958." They were a mere 8 outs from winning. Just 8. Alas, Anaheim came back, going on to win Game 7 and the series. Devastating.
  • Also, The Chronicle published this quiz to see if you're a genuine Giants fan or a bandwagoner .
  • Tim "Fuck Yeah" Lincecum will be first on the mound at tomorrow's game.
  • Speaking of Lincecum, some people think he looks like Wiley Wiggins (as Mitch Kramer) in Dazed & Confused?