by Andrew Dalton

Those of you that like to bemoan San Francisco's notoriously lacking female population might be interested in the mostly self-explanatory services provided by, a new mobile site designed to point eligible bachelors (and potential lookie-loos, if we're being honest) in the direction of the closest bar or venue with the most significant population of ladyfolk. After trolling Foursquare data for checkins by anyone with a ladylike first name, the site presents users with a giant compass arrow that will keep them from straying into some joint with a less favorable gender ratio.

Disappointingly, the screencapped example on Techcrunch didn't exactly yield any surprising results and in fact pointed to two of EaterSF's douchiest bars in San Francisco: Zeitgeist with 29 ladies, followed by Bar None in the Marina with 20 members of the fairer sex. To be fair though, this could be a really interesting way to draw a hetero crowd to the next Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence bingo night.

[Techcrunch] via [Eater]