Astounding human being Matt Baume (freelance journalist, founder, and former SFIst editor) produced this film in response to Dan Savage's "It Gets Better," a project about reaching out to those young people within small-minded communities and families and reminding them that there's world out there beyond their shitty lives. It was films in the Presidio and Castro on Sunday. (Side note: your current SFist editor can be seen in the Castro footage for a mere split second. We were mercifully from cut from most of the film, presumably, due to our morbidly bloated visage brought on by pre-Folsom Street Fair revelry. We're the one sporting a Giants t-shirt and a dizzy expression.)

The film also stars Senator (and, ahem, future San Francisco Mayor?) Mark Leno. Which is quite a score, really. What's more, Dan Savage loved the film so much he had to sing its praises to Joe. My. God, saying, "I'm issuing a challenge here—to see similar videos from New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Provincetown, Minneapolis, Madison, Atlanta, Houston, and on and on. There are lots of large, vibrant, powerful gay communities out there, in lots of cities. I hope there's someone like Matt [Baume] in each one of them."