by Daisy Barringer

I hear yesterday was another glorious day in San Francisco. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. All that crap. I wouldn’t know because as a ridiculous loyal football fan, I spent the day inside a dark bar, drinking too much and lamenting the fact that regardless of what was said about the 49ers during pre-season, we are absolutely horrific and have started the season at 0-3. Even worse? I think we’ll lose our next two games to Atlanta (on the road) and Philly (at home), which will give us a miraculous 0-5 start to a season that everyone said was ours to win.

I usually try to find something positive to say in the aftermath of such a horrific loss, but not only did Kansas City beat San Francisco 31-10, they completely dominated in all areas of the game. Sure, Alex Smith only threw one interception, but it was on another pass to Crabtree who has yet to live up to any of his first round draft pick hype. Certainly, it’s not all Crabtree’s fault; the only thing that’s consistent about Alex Smith’s passes is how inconsistent he is. Frank Gore was given the ball more times than I care to remember (seriously, do we do ANYTHING other than run it up the middle?), but the offensive line didn’t create any holes and Gore couldn’t break any tackles. Vernon Davis was in double coverage all day and rookie right tackle Anthony Davis got a personal foul for slugging a guy in the head who he said was trying to grab his junk. Seriously.