While plans for the SoMa Borders Books to evolve into bowling alley trudge on -- word has it Lucky Strike and Beacon apartment complex authorities will discuss the issue today -- we thought we'd give fair share to (reasonable?) reservations about the late-night venture. Because we're all about balance.

So: Lucky Strike's bowling alley would, ideally, remain open until 2 a.m. As security stands right now, there is very limited security on site patrolling the Beacon after around 10 p.m. Opening a place of that size that might be serving alcohol until 1:30 a.m. raises some concerns as well given the number of patrons potentially involved. (In comparison, ballgames are usually over by 11 p.m.) What's more, the bowling alley will basically be the size of a nightclub (not like O'Neills or District or 330 Ritch) with bowling pins smashing and music blaring (presumably) until 2 a.m. So, hopefully Lucky Strike can guarantee noise and crowd control. (Hey, what if we get rid of Tabu and 715 Harrison, and then allow Lucky Strike? Is that fair? Because we're totally down with that.)

Oddly enough, just over ten years ago, Third and Townsend played host to one of the city's biggest and messiest nightclubs, Club Townsend. How times have changed.