Former S.F. Mayor and SF Chronicle dilettante Wilie Brown recently supped at Tres Agaves, Sammy Hagar's Mexican food in SoMa, and was less than pleased. It turns out management didn't press their lips against his buttocks the food was less than undesirable, according to Da Mayor.

"Enchiladas tasted like they had been frozen and not quite thawed. If you ask for a side of beans or rice, forget it-they never showed," Brown sad-faced. "My friend Sonya Molodetskaya wasn’t feeling well and needed soup. That didn’t work either; it was just not edible. It was a generous portion but much too spicy."

Fortunately, Brown goes on to say, "the choice of beers and alcohol saved the day." Don't they always?

Update: Sammy Hagar is no longer associated with Tres Agaves. Alas.