As if getting into the country's top schools didn't make their parents proud enough, UC Berkeley's Ophelia Shallot (the best name ever) and Stanford's Kristen Elizabeth Gura are set to appear (nude!) in Playboy's “Girls of the PAC 10."

Hubba hubba, indeed.

You can find both Shallot and Gura in the October issue of Playboy on newsstands this week.

In related college-porn news, Sonoma State University held The Great Porn Debate today. According to the news release, "One of the porn industry's most famous stars, Ron Jeremy argues in favor of the multi-billion dollar porn industry verses ex stripper, 'Treasures' founder Harmony Dust along with her debate partner, Pastor Craig Gross, founder of Shedding light on the intimate issue, this serious debate is a once in a lifetime event."

Anyone attend today's debate? Let us know all about it.