Two more remains were found on Saturday in the wake of the San Bruno fire.

According to BCN/CBS 5, "The discovery Saturday raises the death toll to six. Steve Firpo, acting public information for the City of San Bruno says the remains were found Saturday morning. He had no other details."

Two other residents, it seems, are still unaccounted for by authorities.

Update: Yesterday's death toll, raised to six, then seven, now stands as "unclear." SFAppeal reports: "After releasing a statement (since removed from the internet) confirming that at least 7 people had died and six are still missing after Thursday night's gas explosion and fire in San Bruno last night, San Bruno city officials are now backing off from that statement, saying instead that 4 remain confirmed dead, and that they can't speak to the number missing."

To sum things up, there are some remains; they might be human or could be animal. But, as of Sunday morning, the official number stands at 4.