For today's drink of the week — and yes, after last night, we need a stiff drink to settle our nerves and reset our mortality meters — we turn to the now established Mission cocktail destination that is Beretta. This cocktail, created by bartender Christa Manalo, is a twist on the vintage cocktail, The Tall Acadian. Christa adapted the original recipe (which featured a ripe strawberry) so that it is now available to drink year-round. Made with rye, sloe gin, lemon, honey, absinthe, and rosemary, it's a refreshing drink that lends itself as much to a warm day like today, as it will to the inevitably chilly ones we have to look forward to.

Sidenote: See a video about the cocktail, featuring Christa, over at Facebook.

The Acadian

2 oz. rye
1 oz. honey solution (2:1 honey and hot water cooked down)
1 oz. lemon juice
¾ oz. sloe gin
5 dashes absinthe
1 full sprig of rosemary

Shake all ingredients together and double-strain into a tall glass with ice. Garnish with rosemary sprig.