After a six-week trial, one that revealed police misconduct and witness tampering, Kenoye Stroman, 26, accused of gunning down a patron outside Jillian's in 2007, was acquitted today.

Stroman stood trial for killing Ronald Jacques during a fight before fleeing in a red, white and blue limousine. According to the City's Public Defender’s Office, however, "evidence presented during the trial pointed to another man as the shooter." During the trial, it was revealed that a SFPD homicide inspector "testified that two colleagues convinced another witness to change his testimony in order to facilitate the prosecution’s theory of the case that Stroman was the shooter."

What's more, police who arrested Stroman "bagged the hands of additional suspects to preserve possible gunshot residue, but after the men urinated on their hands inside the bags," investigators tossed the soiled bags away without testing them. Ugh.

“It’s a travesty of justice that the police officers in this case influenced a witness to change his testimony to convict an innocent man,” said S.F. Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who described the verdict as "just."