According to CBS 5, "a huge explosion happened in the San Bruno area and huge flames can be seen...the flames are near Crestmore and San Ramon Avenues." The fire has torched multiple homes; an entire neighborhood is on fire. A least halk a dozen homes are ablaze.

Mike MCCarron, SFO spokesman, says there are no planes unaccounted for from SFO, but CBS 5 says it's a plane crash, though it has yet to be confirmed. KTVU says it's a possible gas station fire.

Update 6:45:: People online confirm that the fire started out as a long, roaring sound, then an explosion, which sound like it could have very well been a plane crash. Whatever started this horrific blaze, something is fueling it. The blaze is roaring out of control.

6:50: KTVU reports, "FAA says they do not believe this was the result of a plane crash."

6:58: Highway 280 to Highway 35 N. is closed. The fire, centered around San Bruno Avenue and Skyline Blvd., has prompted the evacuation of the area. CBS 5 says, " Many residents have reported seeing a plane go down. Others felt a huge shock wave, and heard an explosion. "

7:00 The flame are enormous, dwarfing the homes.

7:04: SFO spokesman tells KTVU there's "no record of any plane going down anywhere in northern CA."

7:05: Highways 30 and 85 are closed. Six patients are in critical condition at Kaiser in South SF.