Andrew Dudley from Haighteration brings our attention to a budding grassroots effort to have Ike's Place move to the Lower Haight. They even crafted a grassrootsy Facebook page, which reads:

IKE's PLACE makes serious sandwiches ( and adds serious foot traffic to a neighborhood. We want additional foot traffic in our neighborhood to help merchants (the more foot traffic, the more potential business for other businesses) and to make our neighborhood more vibrant (one of the best methods o...f keeping a neighborhood safe is positive activity on the street).

That's why we'd like you to go to Ike's Place in the Lower Haight on FB, and LIKE it. Let's show IKE's we're SERIOUS about inviting them into the neighborhood.

We love it. We foresee the Lower Haight as the next, ahem, it neighborhood. Ike's would be a fitting addition, yes?

For those of you not in the know, Ike’s Place, located on 16th Street at Sanchez, became too popular and too crowded, and then Ike’s was told to scram. (Or not.) It's a bit more complicated than that. (Or not.) Oh, and Ike's is a sandwich shop. Just a tiny, tasty sandwich shop causing all this fuss.