The girlfriend of now deceased suspected killer Efren Valdemoro spoke to her boss at the nail salon where she worked, on her cell phone, from the car she was in with Valdemoro during Tuesday night's high-speed police chase through Richmond. Cindy Tran, 46, was killed in the car during that chase and just after the phone call with Sandra Le, who says she could hear sirens in the background, and Tran's pleas with Valdemoro to stop, telling him she loved him.

Tran's body was found moments later in the passenger seat of the car at the strip mall where, shortly thereafter, Valdemoro was shot by police in a standoff. Below, KTVU has a full report on the latest developments. Also check with them at 2 p.m. for a live news conference about the case, which involves four murders in three cities, with a fifth potential victim still missing.