Self-consciously conservative Debra Saunders, The Chronicle's anti-gay "token conservative," tried to make a funny yesterday. Or rather, in a failed attempt to sound Coulterian, she slammed President Obama as a total "wuss." Why? Because he wore a bike helmet while pedaling around in Martha's Vineyward. Behold:

What does the president think is going to happen to him if he doesn't wear a helmet riding this snail's-pace bicycle in the midst of a security entourage in slow-lane Martha's Vineyard?

Could he look like more of a wuss?

Americans used to like presidents who looked resilient, masculine, fearless. Think JFK, who dispensed with those old-guy hats. Now we go for overprotected look.

Why not add training wheels?

Good grief, can you imagine the caterwauling about public safety Obama would've received had he not worn a bike helmet? This is just too obvious. While your editor has nothing against Republicans (hailing west of I-5 from Orange County, some of our closest friends are Republicans; and sometimes, though very rarely, we will allow them to be seen with us in public) this is just weak. Our wounded, sensitive conservative brethren deserve better, yes?

But. Calling Obama a sissy does have its merits; as of this morning the meh-inducing post has garnered over 1,500 comments.

UPDATE: Saunders' terrifying hypocrisy exposed! See below: