Michael Bauer spews out 2.5 stars to Wayward Tavern, the new venture of Applebee's/Wish-Bone salad dressing spokesman Tyler Florence. The place, it seems, "has a masculine American look" and "is bringing back a little piece of old-time San Francisco." Also, the steak tartare is a "masterpiece."

Things got picante at OC Weekly on Sunday when, after Rick Bayless (the Top Chef Masters winner himself) talked smack about the authenticity of Los Angeles Mexican cuisine (save for his muy auténtico LA joint, Red O), Jonathan Gold posted this eyeopening smackdown. In turn, Bayless trash talked the Pulitzer Prize-winning food scribe. Once again, it's always fun to hear a chef's terse rant about a food story that doesn't smack of PR tutelage. Now go do your job, Rick, and make us a sandwich.

Wine Country, according to Virginia Miller at SFBG, has two new "hot spots" you shouldn't even think about missing: Morimoto Napa and Spoonbar in Healdsburg. Bianca Jagger riding in on a white horse, most certainly, to come.

Vegansaurus fumes: Four Barrel Coffee celebrates their two-year anniversary today with free coffee and animal abuse. Congratulations?

In need of a dry idea, Prospect temporarily closes this week due to flooding, according to Grub Street.