North Oakland / Murder: A woman jealous that her crack-addicted, homeless boyfriend was seeing another woman stabbed him in the neck on August 19, while the two sat in a parked car at San Pablo and Ocean Avenues. Tamara Warren, 39, has two previous strikes for arson and burglary, and could face life in prison. [Chron]

Potrero Hill / Assault: 52-year-old Albie Esparza A 52-year-old man was minding his own business last night around 10:45, walking in a crosswalk at 18th and Missouri, when a two-door-white car came around a corner and nearly struck him. The driver, apparently incensed that Esparza the man should dare be walking in his road, got out of the car and proceeded to beat Esparza the man, possibly with a bat, and knock him to the ground. He's suffering life-threatening injuries. The driver sped off and police are seeking leads. [Bay City News/Appeal]