Do you like this (warning: autoplay) kind of music? Do you like crowds? Do you love the fun yet oddly titled SF LovEvolution/LoveFest, the annual rave-ish parade cum dance party? Well then, listen up: The SF LovEvolution/LoveFest lost the right to use Civic Center this year for their annual end-of-summer bash, and now they're looking for a new venue. the party's promoters write:

We have worked for months with city authorities on a plan that would allow us to continue at Civic Center, but in the end, it was concluded that our Civic Center festival site was not large enough to safely host an event of such huge popularity.


We've been working on an alternative site and continue to do so. We hope to make an announcement next week

To sum up, there is no event at Bill Graham Auditorium this year. But Love Week will go on. Visit (warning: autoplay) for more details.