Cupcakes, online coupons, bad Yelp reviews, the Marina -- this story has something irksome for everybody. According to a tipster, a recent group of people "flocked" to a Marina cupcake store to redeem their coupons bought on Groupon (think Coupon Suzy, minus the frustrating camisole). Putting aside the fact that cupcakes are a blight (death knell?) to the foodie community, let's see what went down:

There's nothing like an angry mob who want their cupcakes. Dozens of people flocked to That Takes the Cake in the Marina over the past week to redeem their prepaid Groupon for cupcakes at 55% off. The business owners couldn't keep up with the demand and refused to honor the deal at a later date. They even locked their door during business hours and gave preference to patrons who didn't have a Groupon and were thus paying a premium. They even refused to accept the iPhone version of the Groupon, requiring a print-out (not-so-eco-friendly are we?).

Sounds like That Takes the Cake tried out Groupon and it didn't work out as planned. it happens. Perhaps the expiration date could explain the sudden influx? However, try telling that to angry cupcake fans. Unfortunate and equally unfair Yelp reviews -- many of them along the lines of "These cupcakes sucks and... where are my cupcakes?" -- soon followed.

This kind of silliness doesn't happen at Happy Donuts.