Many men of San Francisco, if we may shove a sweeping generalization down your throat for lunch, like to dress down. Self-consciously so. And it's worrisome. Fine, we do that as well. But still. Further, and all too often, they dress like they used to dress when they learned how to dress themselves in college. Which is sad. And, at times, reeks of arrested development. Or worse yet, is when men with piles of money wear Silicon Valley gear, wear this atrocity. Why? Because it's patronizing and just hire a damn stylist already, Steve Jobs.

Also, stop wearing hats indoors, fellas. Also plus, flip flops (fancy or otherwise) at work and/or on public transportation is an act of hostility and emasculated chauvinism. It is. It just is. Trust us. (Sweet Jesus, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ruined everything, didn't it?)

What are we even talking about, you ask? Who knows. But what you should know is this: this week the Bold Italic hosts The Haberdash: A Week of Fashion for Men, a week dedicate to the sartorial look of men throughout the Bay Area. (And, yes, while New York is New York, San Francisco is a city that enjoys looking good. Enough with the "SF isn't a fashion kinda town" drivel you overheard at some tacky party and now repeat ad nauseum. It's not true. And a few seasons of Project Runway and the occasional visit to Jeremy's doesn't give you the right to say so. Yes. we know this contradicts our initial thesis. So.) Wednesday's fashion show at The Burritt Room would be our strongest recommendation, but here are a few other highlights you should check out: