Here are videos showing one of two zebras going on an adorable (albeit horrifying for the animals) rampage throughout the streets of a Sacramento suburb on Saturday. The zebras, it seems, escaped while being loaded onto a truck in nearby Carmichael (just east of Sacramento), "when they were spooked by dogs and went running in opposite directions." And thus, a zebra party was born.

According to CBS 5, "confused residents reported zebra sightings throughout the downtown area for next five hours until sheriff's deputies were able to round them back up." FOX 40 notes, "The animals appear to have escaped from their owner's home where they are kept as pets."

The zebras are now safe at an Oregon ranch.

Above, YouTube user phore posted video showing one of the creatures darting up the street of her Sacramento suburb. (The poor zebra looks terrified.) Below, user rednecksrawesome captured footage of the zebra running around his family's backyard.