Telegraph Hill resident Bruce Rossignol thought it would be a grand idea to liven things up on North Beach's ho-hum Broadway strip. Bruce Rossignol planned to open up a pot dispensary on near numerous strip joints and bars. Bruce Rossignol wanted to call it The Joynt Collective. Bruce Rossignol wanted The Joynt Collective to feature live jazz and good food. Bruce Rossignol had a phenomenal idea. But, Bruce Rossignol was wrong. See, the city turned down Rossignol's plan to convert the old North Beach Theatre (a former strip club across the street from Larry Flynt's House of Vagina) into a marijuana joint because pot clubs, unlike boobie and booze bars, cannot be located near elementary schools.

SF Weekly's Chris Roberts reports:

That was the plan, until Rossignol recently discovered that the city's zoning laws wouldn't allow him to move into the spot. A block away from Broadway's bastion of strip clubs is John Yehall Chin Elementary School at 350 Broadway near Montgomery. While it's perfectly acceptable for business like Centerfolds and Showgirls to operate near the school, a pot club is another matter. San Francisco's medical cannabis laws prohibit clubs from operating within 1,000 feet of a school. The old porn theater is 450 feet away, so pot is a no-go.

San Francisco law, it seems, dictates a 1,000-foot barrier between public schools and pot clubs. And for now, he must look for another location.