SFist has a new hero, ladies and gentlemen, and her name is Estrella Benavides. Estrella has lately been calling a forty-foot stretch of sidewalk in Belmont home, after becoming homeless several months ago. She is very likely schizophrenic, and has been a well known "character" around town for years who once used her house, her car, as well as another home in San Mateo (as SFist first reported in 2007) as canvases for lengthy, scrawled messages of protest about believing in God, and various other things about witchcraft and government conspiracies.

Belmont is now trying to evict her from the public right of way where she now dances, waves her signs, and composes Volume 24 of her manifesto, because even homeless Estrella continues to spread her incoherent and paranoid messages to all who pass by the intersection of El Camino Real and Ralston. ABC 7 has a full report about Estrella, showing her encampment, and though they don't mention schizophrenia, they do say that county mental health authorities have offered her housing and she has refused.

Given her homemade headwear and charisma, we feel like Estrella might even make for a new fashion icon a la Little Edie Beale from Grey Gardens, but we digress.