During a tearful interview with KTVU at San Jose City Hall, Todd Mehserle, father of convicted BART cop Johannes, said that his son "is in the wrong place" and that "it's a very, very slippery slope when we start to send people to work with guns and not only civilly convict them, but criminally."

Todd Mehserle spoke while attending a pro-Mehserle rally on Monday. The protesters, according to KGO, plan on holding small rallies every week or so "until Mehserle is freed." Johannes is set to be sentenced in November.

“It’s very unfortunate (the 2009 New Year's Day shooting death of Oscar Grant),” Todd Mehserle told KTVU. “Our family does feel bad. It was a tragic accident and we’ve always felt terrible. But we also know the insults that have been hurled at us.”

He went on to say that Johannes is "doing okay" in the clink. His son, as you all know by now, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in July.