Today's Photo du Jour boils over with controversy! Esteemed photographer Justin Beck, whose work is top-notch and often featured on SFist, snapped this alluring shot of Darrin from Bewitched, or whomever, walking in front of the Transamerica Building. That's when feathers got ruffled. Beck explains:

Endured some mild harassment for this one.

I was walking by the Transamerica building and noticed that the light and shadows were interesting, so I stopped to take a few pictures.

After I'd been standing on a public sidewalk and pointing my camera toward the building at street level for a few minutes, a guy in a suit walked out and approached me, saying he was with the building's security and that they were "concerned" I was photographing their "operations." I said it was OK because I was standing on a public sidewalk, and he agreed, but repeated that he was concerned.