SFist commenter DJ Tennessee (a onetime SFist contributor) raises the bar on drunken marathon madness. After creating a liquor store map for Bay to Breakers, he decided to upstage his very own un-upstageable brilliance. During Sunday's San Francisco marathon, DJ Tennessee drank 13 beers in 13 miles.

Now, it's a long feature, one that's well worth your time, but here's a snippet to whet your jonesing:

God fucking knows how I end up at Golden Gate Park, but I eventually do. I remember none of this. I remember not a thing until I see the sign for Stow Lake. Holy shit, I’m finished! I somehow snap into immediate coherence, chugalug the last disgusting sip of beer, and go to see if someone will take my picture.

Did he vomit? What do you think. Does he survive? Yes, thank God. Will his bizarre yet fascinating beer run be one of the best things you read on the Internet this week? Absolutely.

[via Deadspin]