On Friday, Apple will hold a Vouturi-like press conference at its Cupertino headquarters for a select crop of journalists. Gulp.

According to The Loop (via Valleywag):

Apple on Wednesday invited select press to a special press conference to be held this Friday in California.

 Apple would only say that the press conference would be regarding the iPhone 4. No other information was available when I spoke with them tonight.

Friday is bad news dump day, as Ryan Tate of Valleywag points out, so the news can't be good. Some say it could be an iPhone 4 recall announcement, prompting the largest recall in Apple history. (Gizmodo claims a "silent recall" is already in progress.) Others hypothesize an announcement for free covers that would act like duct tape for the faulty antenna. Maybe (God willing) they're going to offer free G4 Cubes with each iPhone 4 purchase.

Whatever it is, it can't be good.