2-year-old male pit bull

In the spirit of the recent holiday weekend, we bring you a new video starring Brock (also known as Piglet) - a pit bull Terrier worthy of America's praise. Did you know pit bulls were America's mascot for both WWI and WWII, featured on recruiting posters all over. A famous Pit Bull, Sgt. Stubby, was wounded in action twice, he saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack and he single-handedly captured a German spy. A true American Hero.

Anyway, this pit bull, Brock, is a friendly and smart young pit bull up for adoption at the San Francisco SPCA. Because he's just so darn awesome, he found himself a foster home where he can romp and run like a real dog. (The shelter place is a little stressful for a dude such as Brock.) This handsome guy is looking for an adopter that is as smart and athletic as he is. He adores other dogs, especially his new foster brother - he loves to meet new people, is a fetch master, and is working hard at his basic training! It doesn't get much better than this guy. He's a real snuggle bug, and can't wait to meet you, charm your socks off, and start a life together.

Below, video of Brock in action.