It looks like things got a bit out of hand during an attempted arrest at Sunday's S.F. Gay Pride festivities. Shot by fckjulien1000 near the Orpheum Theater, the title of this video is "Police beating girls at GayPride 2010 (San Fransisco)," which, as some members in the crowd audibly attest, seems to be the case. Getting heated around the 0:50 mark, cops get in a few licks while attempting to subdue a female. Whatever the cause of the melee, the unruly crowd saw quite a show.

Notorious for its lack of restraint, YouTube commentary on the video ranges from the reasonable ("The police may have overreacted, but they were reacting in a volatile situation and it was probably difficult to tell what was happening at the time," writes aninahpets) to the puerile ("gay ppl eat balls and do fisting... i hate gay ppl," user iCalvinXP points out).

Were any readers eyewitness to this memorable scene? If so, please contact Rebecca Young, managing attorney of the Public Defender's Felony Unit, at 415-553-9300.

Update: SFPD responds to the video.