7-month-old female Great Dane mix

I am a special girl! Not only am I gorgeous, but I'm clever too. I have a team of trainers who are looking for a great place for me to finish my adolescence (Yep!, I'm still a puppy. Can you believe it?!) I came from another shelter where my jumpy/mouthy ways made me very unpopular. Which hurt my feelings. I'm a good gal, really. However, the trainers here saw my true-blue potential and have been working with me. I've been making dog and human friends which helps burn off some of my energy, and I have been learning how to behave more appropriately. I need an adult home with people who know dogs are smart, sensitive, and clever and are looking forward to learning more about training. You'll need to enroll in one of the SPCA's training classes and you'll even get a free training consult with a private trainer when you choose me.