Coco, Sophie, Kiki. Is C.W. Nevius covering the latest crop of talent at The Gold Club? Nope. He's got stuff to say about San Francisco's favorite incendiary topic, pit bulls. "Recent attacks by pit bulls in the city demonstrate how difficult the problem of dangerous dogs can be, and how, even when city officials go the extra mile, there is nothing that can be done for them," he writes. Dig in.

In related cranky canine news, Eye On Blogs tells the tale of a heroic Chihuahua who died Sunday afternoon "in the jaws of two pit bulls." It seems the dogs, Jade and Beast, entered a Richmond home and approached the owner's infant and four-year-old son. Instead of taking the kids, the pit bulls took the Chihuahua, who was later found dead. RIP, little fella.

KGO has a news report on the heroic pup below.