A Salinas couple faces child endangerment charges today, according to the Chronicle, after they allegedly "tried to sell their 6-month-old baby for $25 outside a Walmart store."

While riding high on meth, Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20, were arrested on Wednesday after "Fousek allegedly approached two women outside Walmart and asked if they'd like to purchase his child." While the women initially thought he was joking, the two questioned him more until they came to the horrifying realization that, yes, the couple wanted to hawk the kid (pictured here) for a scant $25. The police later arrived at the couple's home (which was in "disarray") and whisked them to jail. They were also busted to narcotics use.

According to Fousek's Facebook page Facebook page, his hobbies are lifting weights, baseball, and humping. His interests? "Spending time with my family and pets." Check out these pics of the seemingly happy couple and their baby.

The kid was placed in Child Protective Services. Read more at SF Chon.