According to Beth Spotswood at Eye On Blogs, things took a turn for the LA Law-ish during today's Mehserle trial. It seems that, while testifying about shooting Oscar Grant, BART cop Johannes Mehserle broke down in tears and started shouting.

@cbs5: Breaking: Mehserle breaks down on the stand; shouting form the gallery; judge clears the courtroom in BART shooting trial.

Word is someone in the courtroom yelled, "Fuck those tears!"

While taking the witness stand, Mehserle claims he was surprised and the "pop" he heard just after he shot and killed Grant. We'll update with more later.

Update: CBS 5 has the transcript of what happened short before, contrary to what we initially reported, someone else in the court room started shouting.

While Mehserle's attorney Michael Rains asked Mehserle a series of question, here's what happened: