Hayes Valley/Stabbing: Near the the intersection of Fell and Laguna this morning, a 28-year-old man stabbed an 18-year-old man with a knife in front of several bystanders. After a nearby security guard witnessed the attack, police tell us he struck the suspect in the hand, causing the suspect to drop the knife and flee the scene. The victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was whisked away to San Francisco General Hospital. No word yet on the motive. No arrests have been made.

Mission/Mugging: Over on the 2000 block of Mission Street, according to SFPD, two white females (ages 20-22) approached a 20-year-old Hispanic male and demanded money. One of the suspects "held a knife to the victim," which prompted a struggle and a cut to the victim's left hand. The suspects swiped his stuff and fled. No arrests have been made.