Haighteration has word that Three Twins (254 Fillmore) is dishing out homosexual-themed ice cream in honor of Gay Pride Week. What's on the menu? Rainbow/Gay Sherbet, Pink Triangle ("a fruity chocolate base with pink chocolate triangles"), Pride Vanilla, Hot Cookie ("with cookies from the Castro’s favorite cookie shop"), Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ("vanilla ice cream with blueberry dessert from military rations mixed in"), Lavender, Rice Milk Harvey Milk and Cookies, and Salted Nuts.

With all due respect to the departed Harvey Milk, there are bushels of other influential gays that have had a lasting effect on the queer community. Juanita More Dulce de Leche Please? Sondheim 'God That's Good' Swirl? Bambi Lake's Butterscotch Stain? We digress.

Three Twins will also have a Three Dollar Bill deal. Read all about it at Haighteration.