Kevin Diedrich, a bartending vet who previously worked at Bourbon & Branch and Clock Bar, recently opened an awesome little bar in what was once the lobby of the Crescent Hotel. The entrance to the hotel is now on Stockton, at the foot of the Stockton Tunnel, but the hotel's entrance was once on Burritt Street with a lobby up there, on the third story, before the tunnel was built. Hence the bar's name: The Burritt Room.

Today, Kevin shares a drink that was actually created by Burritt Room bartender Kelli Bratvold, and he says it's a perfect summer concoction, "balanced with 2 different gin styles — actually one gin, and genever, which was sort of a precursor to gin. It's light, aromatic and refreshing, with a spicy finish."

The Black Rose

3/4 oz. Junipero gin
3/4 oz. Bols genever
3/4 oz. lemon
1/2 oz. Crème Yvette
1/2 oz. blackberry syrup
Bar spoonful of maraschino liqueur

Shake all ingredients vigorously in a shaker, 15-20 times, and served up, garnished with 4 drops of rose water/smoke black pepper tincture.