by Laura Beck

Mas Samun Curry at Sri Thai (4621 Lincoln Way)

What is truly, truly awesome about this place is not only is it right by the beach for a post meal leisurely stroll (like that's gonna happen! We're not exercise anorexics!), is that tofu dishes actually cost less than their meaty counterparts. Hot damn, this calls for a parade! We will parade naked through the streets, tossing tofu on people and charging them 75 cents for the pleasure. If interested in joining, just bring $200 US, a valid passport (any country), and show up naked at our house on Monday. But I digress. The Mas Samun Curry is about the most luxurious (tm, Bobby Trendy) dish in the city. It's tofu, potatoes, carrots, and roasted peanuts, smothered in the richest coconut milk and tamarind sauce curry ever. We wanted to go for a swim in it but that violates so many health codes, we can't even go into it. Okay, three.

Donuts from Pepple's Donuts (The Ferry Building)

Donuts are something you omnivores take for granted. 24 Hour Donut Shops dot the city, along with a plethora of specialty donut shops. However, coming across a vegan donut is like finding a nun in a whorehouse, it just ain't happening, folks. Until now. Nuns, gird your loins, because Pepple's Donuts in The Ferry Building are OFF THE CHAIN. They've got any variety your little piggy heart desires, from a classic vanilla cake, to apple fritters, to a chocolate donut, topped with Newman O's sprinkles. Yes, that is a donut covered in cookies, please try to contain your erection.