Inspired by the cyclovia program in Bogotá, Colombia, Sunday Streets, San Francisco's car-free experiment, has been well-received since it kicked off in 2008. But how are local businesses affected by this aggressive car-lessness? Pretty damn good, at least according to merchants along 24th Street in the Mission.

"Some of the tourists had never tried pupusas and tamales. That day they had tried them," explained Marta Flores, owner of Usulutan Restaurant. Humphry Slocombe owner Jake Goodby said, "They were probably our two busiest days of the summer."

Does this mean that the other half of 24th Street might allow the Noe Valley Public Plaza to finally happen? With summer around the corner, let's re-visit this fight, shall we? Now, although some residents nutted over possible traffic congestion, it seems like a partial or full closure of the more affluent part of 24th Street -- or an intersection, a slice of street, or whatever -- might benefit the neighborhood's local businesses. Right? Right.

Also, pencil in Sunday, June 20, for the next Mission Sunday Streets.