Knowing that Bambuddha Lounge was closing (you've heard, right?), drag queen and party promoter Juanita MORE! had to find another place for gays of all stripes to congregate after the Sunday Gay Pride festivities on June 27th this year. "It had to be someplace with great outdoor space," Juanita tells SFist, and for her now famous post-Pride party she finally settled on Kelly's Mission Rock Café, a space better known to the heteros about town. "There's floor to ceiling windows upstairs looking out over the entire Bay, so if it's the tiniest bit chilly it's still going to feel like you're outdoors but you can stay warm."

Juanita and her team will be running shuttle buses to Mission Rock all day starting at 1:30 from The Phoenix Hotel/Bambuddha, for all those confused as to how to get there, and for all those stumbling drunkenly uphill from Civic Center assuming the party's still there. Buy your tickets ahead of time here, or at Seventh Heart (Market and Franklin).

Below, see our brief interview with Juanita about this year's Pride Party DJs, and what she thinks makes a great party.