Here's a funny bit: Librarians at various UC schools are waging a quiet war against Nature Publishing Group, the publishers of influential journals like Nature and Scientific American who have raised the cost of institutional subscriptions as much as seven-fold in the last couple of years. A 400% increase for 2011, amounting to $1 million, was the last straw and now the librarians are calling for a UC-wide boycott of the magazines, including all those academics who serve as contributors.

To wit: "UC Faculty and researchers author a significant percentage of all articles published in NPG journals and are a major force in shaping the prestige of its publications. In the past six years, UC authors have contributed approximately 5300 articles to these journals, 638 of them in the flagship journal Nature... UC articles published in Nature alone have contributed at least $19 million dollars in revenue to NPG over the past 6 years..."

As The Awl puts it, that would be "Academese for SUCK ON THAT."