Trung Nguyen, 25, died on Sunday at Washington Hospital in Fremont, making him the second fatality after Memorial Day weekend's infamous Cow Palace rave. Nguyen was a graduate of Overfelt High School and UC Davis graduate.

According to CBS 5, Nguyen "had been admitted to the hospital after falling unconscious from a suspected overdose of the drug ecstasy," or whatever was masquerading as ecstasy. Or para-Methoxyamphetamine. Or whatever was masquerading as ecstasy combined with alcohol and heat.

On May 30, Anthony Mata died while attending the same rave in Daly City. With this in mind, a San Mateo lawmaker and a police official now seek to ban raves at the Cow Palace, which, as we all know, is several shades of ridiculous since banning buh-buh-buh-buh concerts at the Cow Palace would solve exactly 0.0 of the problem. That is, if a real problem of pattern overdosing on mysterious drugs at the Cow Palace even exits. Which, well, doesn't seems to be the case.