After a patient year-long wait, Fondue Cowboy (1052 Folsom), SOMA's ode to melted cheese and more, will open its doors to the public on Wednesday. This past weekend, Fondue Cowboy owner Dave Mur gave SFist a personal tour of what his new dairy-worshiping restaurant has to offer: cheese. And lots of it.

While the menu is still in its nascent stage, we saw four fondue pots (ranging from your original Emmentaler-white wine to a Gorgonzola brew) at the cost-effective price of just $12. Which, for two people, is a steal.

According to Mur, they get their bread and vegetables (both organic) from various shops at the Ferry Building. And while they don't yet have a full bar, Fondue Cowboy offers wine and beer to go along with the cowboy-themed movie screenings on the flat screen just above the bar. [Insert I-just-can't-quit-you joke]

Here are some shots of the dairy hot-spot.