Though toxicology reports are still two weeks off, the San Mateo County Times wants to be the first to shout it from the rooftops that last weekend's post-Cow Palace, drug-related death and multiple hospitalizations were the result of an overdose, not of tainted drugs. The journalist in question writes that Anthony Mata "took a fatal dose either before or during the POP 2010 The Dream festival," but nowhere in the article do they or doctors say what this might have been a fatal dose of.

Can someone OD on ecstasy? One would guess this was an OD of something else that the E was mixed with, but clearly the authorities don't want to get into that because they don't sound like they know a lot about drugs. They may not have been tainted drugs, but, we assert, they sure seem to have been BAD DRUGS.

Three of the kids initially hospitalized remain in critical condition from apparent overdoses. None of them knew each other, and they all appear to have taken their drugs prior to arriving at the event.