Some of you may have heard the news, via the Chron's Inside Scoop yesterday, that Ike Shehadeh, owner of the ever-popular Ike's Place, has been served with an eviction notice. The owner of the building is being sued by the upstairs tenants, who claim to have been "terrorized" by the noise of Ike's constant crowds and the never-ending smell of Peg Bundys and Kryptonite sandwiches wafting up to their apartments. (Interestingly, frequent NIMBY support Chuck Nevius sides with Ike in this case.)

The situation, obviously, kind of sucks for Ike, who lives across the street. He's put a bunch of his own cash into opening a second Ike's in Palo Alto, near the Stanford campus, and therefore says he won't be able to relocate and reopen in SF anytime soon, should he be evicted. He'll be in court to plead his case soon, but he says he could be out as soon as June, leaving many a Yelper to cry themselves to sleep without their beloved hot sandwiches loaded with dirty sauce.