In lieu of getting ready for graduation, some UC Berkeley students are starving themselves in an effort to get Chancellor Robert Birgeneau to "publicly denounce a recent Arizona immigration law," reports The Daily Californian. (Unlike your SFist Editor, who, weeks prior his UCSC graduation, had three reservations as Oswald's and two now-legendary graduation parties scheduled. Which: exhausting.) Horacio Corona and Alejandro Lara-Briseno, for example, "are enduring the hunger pangs of going without food for more than 168 hours."

Sadly, those starving students might go hungry a bit longer as the hunger strike enters its second week. After protesters and campus officials failed "to arrange a meeting between Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and protesters" on Monday night.

"We want at the very least to have a negotiation," UC Berkeley junior Kathy Vega explained to the The Daily Californian. "This puts into perspective how much they disregard the voice of the students."

Only 8 of the 20 students and union workers who are striking are going without food and water.